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Alfa Parf Hair ProductsAlfaParf Hair Products

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Alfaparf Milano Hair Products are a complete range of products, designed for both natural and color treated hair. Alfaparf products gives immediate visible shine, from shampoo to styling.

AlfaParf shampoo, conditioner, and treatment products have custom formulas that are specialized to work deep-down to resore health and shine to dull hair.  Alfaparf styling and finishing products contain avant-garde technology that shapes and holds hair with the exceptional shine in Linseed. The microcrystalline formulas in Alfaparf hair prodcts create and define virtually any type of style!

AlfaParf's creative ability is inspired by the vitality of Milan.  Milan is the most important site where international stylists and fashion designers come togeather.  This pre-eminence is derived from the artistic heritage of the masters of Italian art and by the challenge to create the newest advaces and innovations; a unique mix that attracts the most important artists and designers to Milan.

Alfa Parf Hair Product Reviews

Do you use AlfaParf hair products? We want to know what you think of these salon products and we need your input on:

AlfaParf Semi di Lino hair productsAlfa Parf Semi di lino - Alfaparf Semi Di Lino gives instant shine & softness. Semi Di Lino is a complete beauty treatment, from shampooing to styling. Polysensorial textures based on active ingredients ferived from Linseed extracts, know for its shine, anit-oxidant, protective and sestructing benefits.

Alfa Parf Splendore di Fiori hair productsAlfa Parf Splendore di Fiori di Lino - Alfaparf Splendore is a new a technological breakthrough, where Alfaparf Splendore Di Fiori Di Lino has extracted the color protection active imgredients from flowers and added them to their unique treatments while ensuring the color protective effects are kept active intact.

Alfa Parf Midollo di Bamboo hair productsAlfa Parf Midollo di Bamboo - Alfaparf Milano Midollo is a strengthening collection of hair products that is for overly processed, damaged hair, or fragile hair. Midollo hair products reconstructs fragile and weak hair leaving hair feeling silky soft and shiny.

AlfaParf Nutri Seduction hair productsAlfa Parf Nutri Seduction - Alfaparf Nutri Seduction is the magnetism of sensual hair. Seduction and the allure of sensuality inspire this collection of hair care and styling products. Alfaparf Nuti Seduction hair products are dedicated to transform dry and frizzy hair into gloriosuly sensual hair.

Alfa Parf Hair AntiAge hair productsAlfa Parf Hair AntiAge - Alfaparf Hair AntiAge is the first complete treatment to keep hair looking young. Formulated with the exclusive biotechnological complex PK70, based on polyhydric phenol found in grape seeds, potent antioxidant, provides extraordinary protection against free radicals. Gives hair a new thickness and fullness. A brand new combination of grape polyphenols and biomolecules extracted from beech buds that counter the harmful effects of free radicals and unstable molecule that cause the premature aging of cells and progressively damage the fibers.

AlfaParf Hair Power hair productsAlfa Parf Hair Power - Alfaparf Hair Power is the first treatment line with nanospheres designed to prevent and solve scalp problems such as dandruff, seborrhoea, and thinning hair. The Alfaparf Hair Power collection contains an exclusive technology aimed at hair health and beauty. Hair Power nanospheres with vitamins are nanometic carriers (one million per millimeter) that function at the cellular level to deliver deep, potent vitamin power while helping to regenerate cells and rebalance the scalp's physical properties.

AlfaParf Couture Milano hair productsAlfa Parf Couture Milano - Alfaparf Couture Milano was inspired by the couture fashion houses of Italy and perfected by the top hair stylists, this truly unique styling concept will form and reform the way we style hair as the Italians approach fashion design...with exquisite tailoring and keen attention to detail.

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